Mali, Bamako, Hippodrome, Route de Koulikoro, Rue 251, Porte 62, BPE 3735
Very nice hotel surrounded by a tropical garden. Friendly staff and nice accommodations.
Mali, Bamako, Avenue de l’Oua, Carrefour de Daoudabougou
Bungalow style hotel with great swimming pool. Friendly staff and good food.
Mali, Bamako, ACI 2000 Hamdallaye, BP E 2566
Luxury hotel with all the amenities to ensure an unforgettable stay, just a few steps away from the bars and restaurants of vibrant Bamako.
Mali, Bamako,
Fantastic hotel located in a lucious garden. Nice rooms and good food. A friendly staff awaits to welcome you warmly.
Bamako, Mali
The perfect backpacker budget hotel located in Bamako steps away from the restaurants and cafes of the city.
Mali, Bamako,
Conveniently located in East-Badalabougou, on the edge of the river and surrounded by a gorgeous garden-terrace, the Badala hotel will certainly seduce you.
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