Doesn’t it look confusing to rent a car sometimes? There seems to be paperwork and car type, distance measurements and a lot more protocols you need to understand. Here are some easy to follow tips that ensure that you don’t fall trap to the costliest mistakes of car rental in Addis Ababa

1. Usually the car insurance policies liabilities coverage extends to car rentals as well. In case you injure someone while driving a rental car, you policy is sure to cover you.

2. In case, your policy is not covering any such events then make sure to purchase an additional insurance from the rental firm itself to protect your money as well as life.

3. Read the car rental policies in details and carefully and decide whether you will be able to comply with them. There are some services that charge additional amount after working hours or cost big bucks for smaller distance or otherwise. Beware of such charges or else you will be left empty pocket after your ride.

4. Decide and gauge how much distance you need to cover before you book any rental and use the charge calculator to know the amount to be paid approximately.

5. Know the types of vehicles they own and which one will suit your preferences as well as budget. Try to book in advance rather than emergency.

6. No need to pay for anything they offer but you actually don’t need. Do not fall trap to inadequate coverage in the event of long term travel.

Make car rental booking in Addis Ababa with for reasonable charges and quick deliverable.