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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Ethiopia:- a country with immense tourists attraction natural resource and super abundance of diverse endeavor of investment.

Ethiopia is the origin of human being being named Ardipithecus ramidus (ardi). Ardi's skeleton is 4.4 million years old long man named kadanuumuu, making her the oldest hominid ever discovered, also home of Lucy (3.2 millions years old) and selam (3.2 millions years old)

Ethiopia with thirteen months of sunshine is one of Africa's most fascinating countries worth visiting. How does Ethiopia get that extra month of sunshine each year? It's easy! Come and visit the scene to know the secret.

On top of this, the peas and stability of the country is highly secured. With the hostility of its nation's a nationalities you feel as if you are home. You are invited to visits on of the ancient country in Africa that existed since earliest time of Romans and Greeks.

By creating an environment contusive for tourism Industry, Ethiopia is offering its unique and unforgettable moments in life to the world through modern and efficient companies like KADANUUMUU TOUR AND TRAVEL

KADANUUMUU TOUR AND TRAVEL is one of the best emerging tour and travel as well airlines ticketing company in Ethiopia which established and registered under the countries law

KADANUUMUU TOUR AND TRAVEL becomes the best travel and tour agent in the country with various ranges of travel related services such as international and domestic air ticketing, hotel reservation and tour arrangements through out of the country

The company is legally registered as "KADANUUMUU TOUR AND TRAVEL" and operates having own transport vehicles, well trained drivers and knowledgeable tour guides with highly experience management team.

Vision: - "Becoming world class tour and travel service provider with multi-million dollar turnover by 2022"

Mission statement: - "Providing prompt exclusive and the best quality and excellences travel experience to our customers by delivering safe, reliable and affordable service"

Core values of the company:-
Learning organization 
Quality service to customers and stakeholders
Passionately owning the vision of the company by managers& employees at all levels
Ethics of high standards as a milestone

Competitive advantages
 Committed Management that delivers the best service with the aim of excides customers expectations
 Availability of proficient and experiences manpower
 Availability of proficient and experienced manpower
 The company makes best use of information and communication technology
 Equipped with own tour and travel vehicles

Business objectives
 To be outstanding for its dependable service delivery to its customers
 To build capable workforce of the required competence through implementing continues learning process.
 To play a leading role in the country's Tourim Industry
 To contribute its share to the development of the tourism industry in the country

Major Business activities
our core business is providing service as travel
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