Ramidus Ethiopia is not an enterprise preoccupied just with economic interest and business success, though we understand these to be essential.
Appreciating and realizing the depth and breadth of what Ethiopia encompasses, we feel responsible to bring its distinct attractions to our customers genuinely and in their integrity. And we do so much with contemporary and professional business approaches, efficiency and services at competitive costs and value. Besides, we are keenly aware that the high competitive business environment calls for extra hard work and fine tuned attentive vigilance.

Ramidus Ethiopia Tour & Travel is an entirely Ethiopian company based on the nation’s political, cultural and commercial hub and capital Addis Ababa our one –step, innovative service including reserving airline sets, car rental, hotel booking and organizing holiday package tours. Going by the clients’ interest and requirements in all respect, we provide specialized services to business travel and special interest groups like bird watchers or honeymooners.

Whatever being your interest, say adventure, culture, history religious festivals, hunting or photo safari, Ramidus Ethiopia Tour and Travel can meet them fully to your convincing satisfaction. Our staff consists of professionals with multi-lingual tour operators and guide, and what is more, provide with the latest vehicles and other accessories.