The viceroys of  Minilik who governed the province of Hadiya  and Kambata had made their seat  at Angacha  and Ras Abate has said to have  carried out his administrative duties from Angacha for about seven years. Lateron, he moved his seat to Wachamo in 1904. The earliest name of Hosaina was “Wachamo” which has a meaning of ‘swimming’ in the local language. Ras Abate chose the site of Wachamo due to its military importance. Wachamo was strategically important site. Ras Abate changed the name Wachamo to Hosaina because he arrived at the place on the holiday of ‘Hosaina.’

Hosaina is one of the reform towns in the region and it has a city administration, municipality and eight kebelles and 160 localities. The town has a structural plan which was prepared in 2011.