We are a Chinese Group factory making HF weld Tube Mills, Tubes, Coil Strip slitting machine lines, Automatic Machines for auto cooling system, radiator assemblies, intercoolers, and heaters, and aluminum coil strips.
the tube mills we make have following advantages (we have many patents for our tube mills):
1,  Dry Welding --  our tube mills don't use coolant!
       normally most other tube mills must use water coolant for lubrication and cooling the equipment and tooling, but the water coolant will be dirty very soon and caused the tube polluted dirty too, and then the tube must be cleaned by ultra sonic or degreased before brazing, otherwise the remained dirty coolant will affect the Nitrogen environment and make the brazing not good and tube surface dark (especially both ends of tube). But we use dry weld technology, no tube pollution at all, our tube is clean and no need to wash or degrease before brazing.
2,  Flexible  -- our tube mill can make about 150 tube sizes now.
      normally most other tube mill can make only 2 or 3 tube sizes, it is just because the tooling is not flexible, one complete set of toolings can only make one tube size.
but our tube mill like build blocks, each 0.10 will have one shape tooling, currently we can make about 150 tube sizes from 12 mm to 100 mm, covering radiator tube, intercooler tube, oil cooler tube, condenser manifold tube, and heater tube, and etc. and still keep developing every month.
3,  to reduce the customers' production costs
    our dimple free and hour glass free tubes can help customers to change their original multi row cores to all in ONE row, with the same core thickness, thus can reduce customers' production cost a lot! and easy for maintenance.