To build foundation on basic urban land tenure information production and direct urban centers’ land and land related property rights securing effort, moreover to lay the foundation for the efficient, sustainable and equitable administration of those tenure rights.To see Legal Cadaster Information Production and land Tenure Security being Standaredized and Trustworthy in Urban Centers by year 2025.

Urban land certification eats a land tenure security benefits and the recognition of the right of ownership of real estate in general has two main purposes.

Private, joint-venture, consortia, governmental and  non-governmental institutions by making their cities to the ground as though it safe level of illegal land use rights to help the rebuilding process at national level sets a land consistent with the rural land management information system to keep an economic community.
Urban land property rights registration, authentication, owner land tenure security and the benefits of real estate ownership rights recognized by urban economic, social and environmental development to accelerate in cadaster in urban Land Information Exchange System to serve as a home for all documents.