Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
We aspire to see a public service which effectively and ethically achieves its Mission by 2020
Hawassa, Ethiopia
The Global Forum makes agri-food research and innovation systems more effective, responsive and equitable, towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals ,
Jigjiga, Ethiopia
Vision Rule of law, Good Governance and democracy ought to be visible through all the region, and should be based on human rights and democracy.
Jidjiga, Ethiopia
The women and children affair bureau Ethiopian Somali regional state aspires to see modern and civilized society in which women and children enjoy their right and well being without compromising their life choices.
Jidjiga, Ethiopia
To see the Somali Regional Cooperative Societies Enhance the Lively – Hood of Pastoral Agro – Pastoral and all Communities being self Confident and Sustainable Institution in the Coming 20 Years.
Jidjiga, Ethiopia
Our vision is to minimize the food insecurity of the region through pastoral transformation
Jigjiga, Ethiopia
To see Jigjiga be suitable for life, Economical vibrant & attractive with Business, Administrative, Service, Industrial & Transportation hub functions
Jigjiga, Ethiopia
Our vision is to ensure the provision of safe, adequate and reliable road network to every person living in Ethiopian Somali regional State and opens up all potential development areas in all parts of the Region;
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