Assosa, Ethiopia
Faster growth registered in the territory sustainable development, efficient capacity building, good governance, peace be verified by prisoners in order to benefit from the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan rural offices / organizational and management across large parts of the discussion was called Ketema creating common consensus, preparing and implementing the power to conduct making sure suffixes Built, handling and protection sectors registered the strengthening products that might help prove the benefits of prisoners.
Assosa, Ethiopia
Developed ways to make pumps and constant care for the environment ministry,
Jidgiga, Ethiopia
Ensure a livestock sector, which is commercially run, modern and sustainable, using improved and highly productive livestock to ensure food security, improved income for the household and the nation while conserving the environment.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Our company works to protect individuals and the society, its environment and property from radiation hazards.
Assosa, Ethiopia
Audit work to coincide with performance, transparency and accountability, democracy, good governance and strengthen the region's people to see the benefits of audit is made to see yemiyešit’ek’imi coincide performance, transparency and accountability, democracy and good governance as yemiyešit’ek’imi used to strengthen the region's population
Assosa, Ethiopia
Studied regional infrastructure suitable places to meet disaster risk and sustainable food security for export Bali proven itself to see a confident and productive citizens.
South Omo zone is one of the 14 zones and the biggest found in the southern nations and nationalities region in Ethiopia.South Kenya, Gofa zone in the north of Charsadda district, in western Sudan and South Maji, East yešegeni area's Zone D / Omo zone yewešinelu. Furthermore, 56, makes her popular among the tastiest where 16 nationalities and peoples of the region. The zone of the capital city, a city administrator, including jinikeni, at 2 6 farmers and pastoral weredewochwa In 1999 Population and Housing Census information in accordance with a total of 724.183 people live bemefek’ek’erine zone is generally 16 Toom Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Rights, the Constitution begonets’efechewu using their own language, history, culture and faith of citizens living in protecting and promoting the kemehonechewumi beyond the differences of dis-unity lezonewi beauty.
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