Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Medhin Decor plc started its business in 1989 (G.C.). It started as a small firm engaged in limited Activities and through time it it grew and became huge engaged both in service giving and sales different items.
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አብ የመኪና ጌጣጌጥ
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አህመድ ያሲን የመኪና ጌጣጌጥ
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አዲስ አፌርስ
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አፍራህ ዲኮር
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አፍሪካ ያገለገሉ መኪናዎች አስመጪ
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አካል ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማ
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አለ-ዝና የመኪና ማስጌጫ
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
አሌክስ መኪና ጌጣጌጥ
Etiopia, Addis Ababa,
በሀይሉ እንግዳ የመኪና ጌጣጌጥ
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Finding decorations for your house 

You have your first home and dozens of crazy ideas you can’t keep up with, to make it look beautiful ? but do you really know your decorating style?

A new home is like a blank paper. Whether you're just starting out or redecorating, limiting your design focus will save you time, hassle and anxiety along the way. Decorating your house should be exciting and hopefully inexpensive. 

Look into these places to simplify your house decorarions in Addis Ababa for assistance with the decoration of your choice.

  • V. Karebean in Piassa has good house furnishings. It has the biggest choice in curtains and carpets. If the customer’s choice is not in store they also order/import it. Somewhere in the back of the shop, one can find the (cheaper) locally made materials, hence, decorating your house will be made easy. http://goo.gl/maps/pW80
  • Kulibi Gebriel Drapery has been recommended for curtains as well; located in Piassa. http://goo.gl/maps/8rCb
  • Beautiful IKEA style cloth can be bought with the IKEA supplier on the 7th floor of the FinFin building, your house will be filled with artsy decorations with these products.  http://goo.gl/maps/8OG3
  • Sini is an ICS parent who started their furniture factory with machinery imported from Europe in 2011. Uses a mix of local and imported materials for European style (slim) furniture. Prices are between usual local production and imported furniture.
  • Salvatore is one of the local favourites for furniture http://goo.gl/maps/u7Mf.

To learn more about decorating your house in a city like Addis, please visit our page: http://www.yp.et/s/Decorations


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