The social changes in Africa persuade a lot of women in Ethiopia to pursue entrepreneurship. Contrary to the system of women depending on men for their financial needs, they find their own means of earning bread, and some take it to the next level by running companies and organizations themselves.

The World Bank claims that The Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEPD) has resulted in the flourishing of more women entrepreneurs, as it is expanding loan access to “previously unserved and underserved borrowers.” In the World Bank’s blog, they state the five ways in which the WEPD has helped women entrepreneurs: new borrowers have an access to loans, it helps in enhancing growth, in unlocking required capital, improving capacity of lenders, and underwriting innovations in the sector.

Women entrepreneurs are making their marks in various sectors, including banks and hospitals in Ethiopia.

The world has now recognized the entrepreneurial and management skills that women are blessed with, and has started accepting the fact that they are as efficient as their male counterparts. Let us hope to find more women entrepreneurs rising in the coming years in Ethiopia.