The education sector in Ethiopia had an upper hand by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, until the early 1900s, when a secular system of education was adopted. The Ethiopian literacy rate during 1974 was not at par with the other African countries. A revolution broke out in 1974, which lead to an increasing literacy rate in rural Ethiopia. Schools and Colleges Ethiopia stressed on imparting practical education to students, along with socialism lessons. 

Ethiopia, in the recent times, has seen a drastic development in the education system. At present, the primary education is made of two cycles, 1-4 grades & 5-8 grades. Similarly, the secondary education also has 2 cycles, 9-10 & 11-12 grades. 

Foreign Students

Ethiopia provides education opportunities for foreign students, as well. Being a land of prominence with regards to the history of mankind, people find Ethiopia colleges to be the perfect choice to learn history.