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  • Wolaita Sodo University

    P.O.Box 138

    Wolaita Sodo University (WSU) is one of the second generation public higher institutions in Ethiopia, located in Wolaita Sodo town, 315 km away from Addis Ababa via Butajira-Alaba to Wolaita Sodo. Its foundation was laid in the current location on March 24, 2007 G.C. The university commenced teaching and learning process enrolling its first batch of 801 (609 male & 192 female) students in four faculties and 16 departments.

  • S/Sh/Zone Finance & Economic Administration

    Assuring rapid, sustainable development by creating a modern, effective & reliable financial administration on the city government wealth for the appropriate use of resource & bring economic transformation for the city population through socio-economic study, participatory, integrated & comprehensive development plan, fair & equitable distribution of financial resource & effective cooperation , monitoring & evaluation on the execution of NGOs & population affaires.

  • South Omo Zone Administration Office

    Arbaminch, Ethiopia

    South Omo zone is one of the 14 zones and the biggest found in the southern nations and nationalities region in Ethiopia.South Kenya, Gofa zone in the north of Charsadda district, in western Sudan and South Maji, East yešegeni area's Zone D / Omo zone yewešinelu. Furthermore, 56, makes her popular among the tastiest where 16 nationalities and peoples of the region. The zone of the capital city, a city administrator, including jinikeni, at 2 6 farmers and pastoral weredewochwa In 1999 Population and Housing Census information in accordance with a total of 724.183 people live bemefek’ek’erine zone is generally 16 Toom Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Rights, the Constitution begonets’efechewu using their own language, history, culture and faith of citizens living in protecting and promoting the kemehonechewumi beyond the differences of dis-unity lezonewi beauty.

  • Wolkite City Administration

    Wolkite town was founded in 1937. Wolkite is one of the reform towns in the region and has a town administration, municipality, three sub-cities and five kebelles. The town has a structural plan.