In 1983 Under the radical change at the national level in 1985 AD At the inauguration of the regional governments and the central government to the regions turned themselves bererešechewi manage the implementation of Proclamation No. 7/84 in accordance with the previous organization established by the Natural Resources office level rerešuni yeširere sector was able to continue with the agricultural cooperative office širereni, agricultural inputs and other sectors yeširere balance. November 15/88 at the Southern B / B / GC / Sub / Executive M / units in accordance with the decree determining the duties that were previously separate tedererejitewi Agriculture, Natural Resource Development and coffee and tea offices of Proclamation No. 3/88 to form the Bureau of Agriculture as šiderereju August 1989 Since the establishment of the cooperative were Proclamation No. 14/89 Caravans separately LWF / school level.

Agriculture office also includes two departments set up the proclamation given širerewochi 1994 Moving, although the national level get’erinine agriculture-centered development polišinine šitireretējini huge effort to translate the various institutions beširere integrative memirereti, labor, resources and time, refusing to allow efficient āšerererini follow tek’ererererebine almost exactly the same and Rural Development rere’iyi their offices / tourism on a lememirereti state institutions by organizational changes made in accordance with the actual situation in the region by focusing on the development tegibererewi rural development offices, office / houses interspersed bememirereti fast growth of the rural population and improve the lives of the people of the entire region, for achieving food security and overall development of the South Regional rural development Coordination office, 1994 / AU Proclamation No. 36/1994