Ethiopia is a fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage. Its history   dates back to the dawn of mankind – fossilized human remains more than 3 million   years old have been discovered in the country. More recently, the 2000 year   old Axumite empire dominated the Horn of Africa for more than 700 years and   was one of the most powerful civilizations of ancient times. Furthermore, Ethiopia   boasts one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world. It is an experience   not to be missed.

The landscape is amazingly diverse, ranging from the beautiful Simien mountain   range which rises to more than 4000m above sea level, to the searing heat of   the Danakil Depression, the hottest place on earth which drops to more than   100m below sea level. There are spectacular waterfalls and mighty rivers, whilst   the peaceful Rift Valley lakes are a paradise for bird watchers.

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Meet the staff

Your tour operator, drivers and guides are all well trained, experienced and executive tour operators customising your trip and guides to accompany you, with an extensive knowledge and experience travelling throughout the country. All Imagine Ethiopia guides, drivers, staffs have an intimate knowledge of the country and the local community. The company has a small family atmosphere conducive to offering the very best in personal service.

Your itinerary

Ethio Travel and Tours prepares itineraries to perfectly match our clients’ needs. We have the knowledge and experience to design the perfect package be it on a budget or wanting the height of luxury.

Transport and Equipment

All our vehicles are excellently suited for Ethiopia’s varied climate, road conditions and terrain. Ethio Travel and Tours offers luxury and midrange 4WD Land Cruisers, 4WD mini-buses and Coaster buses all in excellent condition.

All camping gear – tents, sleeping bags and mattresses – are in excellent condition.