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Eating Ethiopian cuisine in Addis

Ethiopia is a nation of over 80 different ethnic groups that means regional differences in cultures, languages, tradition and cuisine. Ethiopian cuisine is one of the most interesting cuisines in the world. Not only is the food exceptional, extraordinary and full of flavours, but the Ethiopian food tradition is very captivating.  Part of what makes Ethiopian cuisine unique is there are always plenty of options for vegan and non-vegan diet.

Most Ethiopians in Addis Ababa are Orthodox-Christians and conventionally eat vegan twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays), and on other special fasting days. Being a vegan may be the current hip trend for the western world, in Ethiopia it’s a deeply religious experience tied to the Orthodox Church. The popular vegan options include: “Shiro wott”, a very tasty chickpea powder-based dish, cooked with the Ethiopian spicy red “berbere”, there are several kinds of “shiro” to enjoy, another popular vegan option (my personal favourite), is “Misir wott” a combination of split lentils and spicy berbere sauce is slowly cooked to perfection. “Gomen”, is made of fried up collard greens. Other vegan options include, “kik alicha”, “fosolia”, “buticha”, “Atakilt wott”, “Salata” . These vegan options are eaten with “Injera”, a flat spongy bread made from a slightly fermented “teff”,  injera comes with almost every dish. You can enjoy the very best vegan buffet every day in Addis Ababa’s historic Taitu hotel.

Ethiopian meat dishes are also very delicious and flavoured. The most popular meat dishes include, “doro wot”, chicken stew, a mixture of berbere, butter chicken, eggs and onions. It’s one of the most famous Ethiopian dish, filled with uncanny flavours. Doro wot is enjoyed during holidays, since it takes a very long time and effort to cook flawlessly. “Tibs”, cubes of beef or Lamb meat stir-fried with, onions, Pepper, Ethiopian herbed butter.  It is served with a spicy dipping sauce, awaze. “Kitfo” , is made of grounded beef blended with a hot spice called “mitmita”, and Ethiopian herbed butter. It is one of the most loved dished in Ethiopia and also eaten is special occasions.  You can either have “leb leb Kitfo” which is slightly cooked, or raw. Axum Hotel’s Restaurant is recommended for best meat-dish in Addis Ababa.

 Ethiopian cuisine can be the most rewarding experience of a life time. It’s got a very unique variety and a very flavoured taste. Between the ambiance the taste and tradition, eating Ethiopian food is a very exotic, yet simple and enjoyable experience. Your first time enjoying an Ethiopian cuisine won’t be your last!

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