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Ethiopia is known as known as one of the most hospitable places in the world. Addis Ababa, its capital, has a total of 72 hotels to accommodate preferences for almost any type of visitor. Variety ranges to suit visit that came for both business and pleasure.

Accessing these hotels at your convenience could be a concern but there are different types of communication. The internet is the best form of communication followed by telephones. Depending on the visitors purpose of visiting Addis Ababa and their budget there are accommodations which vary from hotels, guest houses, apartment hotels and bread and breakfasts.

Sheraton Addis Ababa and Washington Addis Hotel are two of the three five star Hotels in Addis Ababa. Sheraton Addis is the first five star hotels In Addis Ababa. Sheraton is famous for its uniqueness and consistency in its excellent service and extensive options. Washington Addis Hotel is synonymous with comfort. Their staff members are amazing and their food is very well presented and delicious.

There are quite a few four star hotels in Addis Ababa all with their own type of hospitability. Just to name a couple: Papyrus Hotel and Ramada Hotel.  Ramada Hotel’s main attraction is its location. It located in Bole just 5 minutes from the airport. Papyrus Hotel has generally good feedback from their guests. They are notably praised on their professionalism.

There are several three star hotels in Addis Ababa. They are probably the highest number of hotels in terms of stars. Getfam Hotel and Caravan Hotel are arguably the most famous three star hotels in Ethiopia. The most common phrases used to describe Getfam Hotel are “very neat and affordable” and “friendly and good service”.  They are located relatively convenient in terms of distance to the airport.
Caravan Hotel is very good hotel in certain aspects such as relaxing alternatives and affordability.

Guest houses are in abundance in Addis Ababa. They range from ridiculously affordable and expensive. To give a glimpse and starting point for choosing guest house it would good to start with Choice pension and Crystal Guest House. Most travelers’ primary concern about finding the accommodation distance to the airport. Choice Pension is 5km away from the airport which is perfect for all traveler types. Its best features are the gardens and terraces. Crystal Guest House is known for its restaurant and friendly atmosphere.

There are quite a few apartment hotels in Addis Ababa but not as much as the above categories. Reliance Apartment Hotel has spacious rooms and they always make any celebration memorable. Their service and awesome restaurant resulted in excellent reviews. They have very good services and their rooms are excellent and one of the examples can be Edna Addis Hotel.

B&B’s in Addis Ababa are perfect for a tight budget. With a small budge they can still provide good accommodation. Jazly B&B, famous for their friendly staff and great breakfast, have only one disadvantage, they are difficult to find. They are located at Jacros - Salite Mehret Rd, Addis Ababa. Bow hotel s a small hotel and because of their excellent staff it is perfect for guests looking for a homey environment.

It’s safe to say that hotels in Addis Ababa are many in style, price and uniqueness. Having said this, we can say different hotel and a whole different experience is what await you in Addis Ababa. 

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