Going to university and taking admissions in one is a big decision as it tends to influence the career path, your health and wealth as well as future prospects. It is a platform where you learn everything about your adult life, your academics, your new job and what not and thus, choosing the right university is crucial for you. Attending the right Universities Addis Ababa can make a significant difference in terms of career development, job opportunities and general level of satisfaction and happiness to your life. 

So, how you determine that you are heading to the right learning center for yourself. What are the few questions that will strike your mind while you go for university admissions? Here is a quick look:

What to Ask?

Here is a good list of things you can ask the past as well as current students to know more about the university. Some of them include:

Quality of Academics: It should including each and everything related to professors, class size, lectures, course material, academic structure etc.

Job Prospect: How easy or hard it was for them to get a work once they were done with the studies?

Quality of Facilities: Ask them if they were supplied with sufficient support by the university body or were they overloaded with work and pressure all the time?

Quality of Housing: It is definite to ask about the hygiene, living condition of hostels, cost of room and atmosphere, access to the university and roommates before moving in.

Accessibility: How easy is it to get to the university? How long does it take other students?

Social & Night Life: Does the university hold events? What their parties’ sound like? Will you be allowed to go outside at night?

These are few questions that can make everything clear and easy for you in future. Keep the list handy with yourself. Select one of the best Universities Addis Ababa.