Ever heard an adult say, “ I wish I studied in a better college”? That lamenting could have come from them due to a wrong decision they took in the past. To make sure that you take the right decision while choosing a college in Ethiopia, do not make these mistakes:

1. Never choose a college out of peer pressure

You must be convinced about the college that you are getting admitted to. Never make the mistake of following the herd and taking a decision purely out of peer pressure. It is also not important that you pursue your higher studies in the same college where your entire family went. But this does not mean that you must be rebellious to your parents’ suggestions. Think well about all the options you have before taking a decision.

2. Do not make partying your primary goal

Hold your temptation to party, when you are shortlisting the colleges for higher studies. Let academics, facilities, and reputation be the primary factors that motivate you along the way.

3. Do not underestimate your merit

Often, students stay away from applying to certain colleges, assuming that they will not be accepted. If you have a dream college, make sure that you apply there along with other colleges in Ethiopia, if you fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria.

4. Do not follow the ads blindly

Colleges and institutions some times give exaggerated information in advertisements. It is important that you do not follow them blindly without doing a research in person. The best way to find various colleges in Ethiopia would be to search Africa Phone Books, the most reliable yellow pages directory in Ethiopia‬. Set your goals, and shortlist the colleges that will help you best in achieving your goals.