Our mission is to share our experience, to show the culture of our people and the unknown landscape of Ethiopia for travelers. We don t subscribe to the normal concept of taking tourists to different attraction sites of the country. In addition to the common sites that all tourists see, we prefer to take our clients to hamlets, villages and individual houses of different tribes.

We believe, this gives for visitors a chance to see and experience the real life of people and expose them to the true culture and realities. Generally our tours are not for those who want to be herded around in large groups, seeing sights merely from the inside of cars and buses. Mostly, we like to avoid areas and calendars dominated by mass-tourism, instead seeking out hidden or less known cultural ceremonies, religious festivals and other wonderful sites rarely or not visited by travelers. We also treat each of our travelers as an individual, appreciating that each has individual interests.

Our trip quotation considers the financial power of our travelers. Means, we arrange trips for both economically high and budget travelers. We hope you find our tours attractive, exciting and enticing. And we hope that someday soon you will join us for the adventure of a lifetime in Ethiopia. Across Abyssinia is ready to serve you any time everywhere under Ethiopian skies.

Across Abyssinia Tours takes tourists to remote and unspoiled parts of our country and this undeniably changes people and places to the worse. We committed to trying to make the world a better place by the way we deal with people and the care we show for the environment. Tourism is a huge business which affects the lives of millions of people worldwide. But while huge amount of many changes hands, local communities at the attraction sites benefit rarely. To encourage the communities’ participation in tourism, we work with the communities of the attractions for all ground arrangements of our tours. This allows the localities to participate in tourism activity of their area, make them positive for tourist activity and allow the tourism receipt to reach to the grass root level.