ODA has been accomplishing these by income generated from its members, donors and income generating activities. Since the main goal of ODA is to reach for those vulnerable societies and standing to cover the unreached development gaps. Many of our development supporters were the reasons behind our success.
Major Intervention Areas of ODA   are:-
* Schools construction and improving quality education,
* Improving health facilities and services for mothers, children and youth.
* Providing potable water to our community,
* Interventions on areas like irrigation to improve livelihood, environmental Protection and Conservation and so on.
ODA has accomplished a total of above 3,185 projects by spending more than 3.3 Billion Birr since its establishment.
Oromia Development Association still has major development agendas to make our societies beneficiary of developments in various activities using its high potential to do so. So we are inviting those supporters of our development like NGO’s, Governmental and Individuals to stand with us in money, in kind