Schools in Addis Ababa

Choosing a school for your child can be a daunting task, due to the various factors that you may have to look into. Read on to find the few things you should consider while admitting to your child in one of the schools in Addis Ababa: Facilities:-Various schools provide different facilities to the

Local Business in Ethiopia

Over the past decade, Ethiopia has witnessed drastic changes in the economy, and attracts investment from foreign investors and entrepreneurs doing local business in Ethiopia. The area experiences a marked development in all sectors, namely, trade, education, health care, and infrastructure.While t

Banking in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian private banks boomed in the year 1994. Until then, all that the country had were three banks owned by the government. The overhaul of the banking sector, brings it to a cross road of opportunities and challenges.The present scenario has been advantageous to bankers who wanted to explo

Colleges Ethiopia - Then & Now

The education sector in Ethiopia had an upper hand by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, until the early 1900s, when a secular system of education was adopted. The Ethiopian literacy rate during 1974 was not at par with the other African countries. A revolution broke out in 1974, which lead to an incre

Major Universities Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the development hub in Ethiopia with the best infrastructure and facilities. Universities in Addis Ababa is one such facilities that the country is proud of. Some of the universities in Addis Ababa are:1. University College of Addis AbabaNow known as the Addis Ababa Univers

Women Entrepreneurs Flourish in Ethiopia

The social changes in Africa persuade a lot of women in Ethiopia to pursue entrepreneurship. Contrary to the system of women depending on men for their financial needs, they find their own means of earning bread, and some take it to the next level by running companies and organizations themselves.T

Ethiopia- One of The World’s Best Tourist Destinations

It came as a surprise to many, when the European Council of Tourism named Ethiopia as the world’s best tourist destination in 2015. Ethiopia’s matchless natural beauty, ancient culture, and dramatic landscapes are the main features that prompted the council to choose her as the world&rs

4 Spas You Cannot Miss in Ethiopia

Visiting a spa can be a rejuvenating experience. Some of us prefer visiting spa at least once a week, for a charming glow, or to remove toxins from our body. If you are ever perplexed which spa to visit in Ethiopia, here is a list that you cannot miss:1. Capital Hotel & SpaThe first ever five s

Best Ethiopian Business Ideas

Ethiopian economy is getting stronger, paving way for increased business opportunities. Here is a list of business ideas that one could consider to make the most of the present economic scenario:1. Real EstateConstruction and real estate industry is growing with leaps and bounds in Ethiopia. Take a

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing a College in Ethiopia

Ever heard an adult say, “ I wish I studied in a better college”? That lamenting could have come from them due to a wrong decision they took in the past. To make sure that you take the right decision while choosing a college in Ethiopia, do not make these mistakes:1. Never choose a coll

Choosing the best Healthcare center in Addis Ababa?

A family healthcare choice is an important consideration and a lot of factors come to play while selecting one. Your right choice will help to provide your family the best medical care. Once you have chosen the right healthcare center, you can deem it as a valuable source. Here are some o

What to ask from your Universities?

Going to university and taking admissions in one is a big decision as it tends to influence the career path, your health and wealth as well as future prospects. It is a platform where you learn everything about your adult life, your academics, your new job and what not and thus, choosing

Top Tips to choose the Right Schools in Addis Ababa

Being a parent often requires thinking about the studies of your kids and it is one of the most important issues these days. Choosing the right Schools in Addis Ababa helps not only to learn greatly as a child but also helps to secure best grades and admission to the top notched Colleges

Real Estate in Ethiopia and Internet- How marketplace ensures IDEAL purchase?

When it comes to making property purchase, the foremost question that comes to your mind is why you should invest in property in Ethiopia? Well, let us take a moment to understand the actual reason why one should make investment in real estate on first place. The foremost answer to this q

How to avoid the Costly mistakes of Car Rentals in Addis Ababa

Doesn’t it look confusing to rent a car sometimes? There seems to be paperwork and car type, distance measurements and a lot more protocols you need to understand. Here are some easy to follow tips that ensure that you don’t fall trap to the costliest mistakes of car rental in