Addis Ababa Information and Communication Technology Development Agency is a government organization which was established in April 2001 E.C. It has got a responsibility of managing, regulating, developing, investigating, securing and performing any ICT related activities in the region under the scope and collaboration with Federal ICT Development Agency or recently called Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

The Addis Ababa City Administration recognizes ICT as the umbrella of all aspects of development and realizes that this technology should be applied to accelerate the rate of economic growth and alleviate poverty. In fact, today, ICT is the indispensable factor to intervene the multi-faceted problems facing the country. To enhance good governance and improve service delivery to citizens ICT plays a significant role in the city.  

Addis Ababa ICT Development Agency (AAICTDA) is a government organization, which is aimed to create an ICT aided life style at city level. It has four case teams: Network, Software and Website development, Data-center and Maintenance, and Research and Training. It was established through the proclamation No. 11/2009 G.C to Make the society and the institutions, which are found under Addis Ababa city administration, to be the beneficial of information communication technology by inaugurating and spreading out of information net that affords fast service; providing maintenance and data center service by developing software and website; and providing training, counseling, and making researches and investigations.