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The yellow pages of AfricaPhonebooks is an internet directory of different Ivorian companies.

  • In a register edited by us we are pleased to provide you with the list of private and public companies on our territory. Before us, no directory allowed a service gathering all the information and contact details of Ivorian professionals.
  • On our website, they are all divided by category according to their sector of activity. Thanks to the yellow pages you can now in one click found the address or phone number of your favorite store.
  • If you are looking for a particular product, our online directory can also help you find a store that sells the specific product you are looking for. Thanks to our list of Ivorian companies, your research is much faster and much more efficient. 

Directory of Ivorian companies

Africa Phonebooks is the number one phone directory in Ivory Coast. It is the country's leading directory because it covers the entire territory and takes into account each private company. Thanks to our excellent network, merchants wish voluntarily to be part of our directory in order to be added to our list of Ivorian companies present on the territory. Our website gives businesses, restaurants and public institutions increasing visibility and offers citizens a search engine that meets their requirements.
We offer you a quality of service with accurate lists and information. The Africa Phonebooks directory allows you to find phone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses of your favorite traders but also companies that may be useful for future searches.
Our initiative is also to promote Ivorian companies on the national and international market. Our teams are on the ground collecting information from each company in order to offer their contact information on the internet. Our collective work allows to reference all the information of the companies in order to help the Ivorians to refine their searches. 

White pages of Ivory Coast

On our website, you can also find the white pages of Ivory Coast. This online directory allows Ivorians to find individuals living in all cities on our territory. From Abidjan to Khorogo, we gather the necessary information to help you find a friend, an aunt, a cousin or a distant acquaintance.
Thanks to our teams, our repertoire grows day by day and allows you to find the coordinates of those around you so that you can call them or visit them. Our website provides a search engine to help you find home addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of your loved ones. This information disclosed on the white pages is public and is classified in alphabetical order. 

Africa Phonebooks is the first online directory of Ivory Coast and allows you to find the most accurate information. Thanks to the precise and rigorous work of our teams, our information is never wrong. Our directory of quality offers you to find information on the person of your choice while offering individuals visibility throughout the territory. We invite you to discover the list of private companies and individuals on the website of the official directory of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoir and the telephone intelligence service of ARTCI; the 118.

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