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    Benin, Cotonou, Funaï Vedoko

    Because you need to meet your evolving needs over time. "JOINERY COMPANY" puts at your disposal 4 services adapted to your balance. Our concern is to provide you with the maximum release. JOINERY LTD, located in Funaï Vedoko, 100 metres after MTN CONNECT by going to ZOGBO, is specialized in : * The Management of races of all kinds ; * The Board and The Management in organizing events ; * The Micro-finance or Funding of restoration activities ; * Sale of consumer goods finished with scheduled reimbursement. For more information please contact: 61618631 or ADVANTAGE : Anticipate and question are reflexes that allow JOINERY company differentiate itself from its challengers and get ahead of the curve on the market. A JOINERY LLC your satisfaction is our passion. Mobile : 61618631 ; e-Mail :